Manufacturing of Iceberry ice cream

Nowadays, Iceberry is among the top ice cream producers in Russia.
To maintain the quality of production at the highest level, we follow our three principles:

1. Loyalty to Traditions

Iceberry's history goes back to the origins of Russian ice cream production. The company was founded based on the oldest Moscow cold storage facilities, i. e. Servis-Kholod JSC (Cold Storage Facility No. 10) and Ice Fili OJSC (Cold Storage Facility No. 8).

We carefully follow the traditional recipes of Soviet natural ice cream, improving and modernizing the technologies at the same time.

2. Modern Technologies

The Iceberry of today is a modern and technologically advanced production facility capable of producing up to 250 tons of high-quality ice cream per day. Due to fully automated lines, all stages of ice cream production (starting from washing equipment to transporting finished goods) are under strict control.

3. Sustainable and Natural

"When building the Iceberry plant, we opted for the Vologda region, as it is famous for clean environment and excellent dairy products. There we cooperate with the best farms to make ice cream from fresh milk and butter and carefully inspect the raw materials quality.
Striving for shortening the farm-to-production journey of milk, we built the modern milk recieving facility to make our ice cream as natural and healthy as possible while preserving all the useful properties of fresh milk. "

Production technology